Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Maine Dilemma

Planning the Un-Road Trip is sort of like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. Except you're missing a few dozen pieces. And some of the pieces you have don't fit together that well. I reached one of those tricky parts when I started planning the Maine leg of the trip.

I know I want to take a spin in Art Haines' home-built SUNN solar electric car, but that means I have to get to Norridgewock, which isn't on a train line and isn't on the water. So that rules out Amtrak or any sort of boat. There are some cruises around Maine that could take me to ports within sixty miles or so, but I'd still have to traverse those sixty miles. I supposed I could get on a bike for that part, but then what about after I'm finished at Norridgewock? Do I get back on the bike and ride back to the boat? I'd rather check out another route or maybe even another mode of transportation. So now I'm searching for other options in the Norridgewock area. I'm hoping that the Maine Tourism Board comes to the rescue. Or do they have moose up there? Could I hook one up to a wagon? After a brief Google search, it looks like this may be an option:

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