Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day one and one step closer to Ellen

I'm sorting out my schedule for the first day of the Un-Road Trip. In addition to some walking, biking, and taking a street car, I'll also be taking a ride in a velomobile.

It's called the go-one, and I got in touch with a friendly guy who owns one in the Portland area. It's pedal powered, but with the same effort you can go a lot faster then you could on a bike since it sheds wind more efficiently. They're not cheap, (they cost a little over $7,000), but you'll never have to pay for gas or parking again and you can join their national ad agency network to sell ads on the side of your vehicle.

And in Ellen Degeners news-

Through a mutual acquaintance I've been put in touch with the assistant to the president of Telepictures, the company that produces Ellen's show. If the smart and talented, (I hope she's reading this), assistant likes the idea then she can pass it on to the appropriate folks at Ellen. So now we play the waiting game... again. I wonder what Ellen would look like if she was pondering when to book me on her show. Probably something like this:

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