Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boaz + Motorcycle = Ellen Degeneres

No, the title of this post doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it sure would be interesting if it were mathematically correct. Using that same principle, you could also show that if you take a motorcycle away from Ellen Degeneres you'd be left with me. Maybe when Ellen finally invites me on her show, we could prove or disprove the equation?

But back to the matter at hand- today I rode a motorcycle for the first time. This was day two of my three-day basic motorcycle skills class. The first session was last night and consisted of reading over information about safety and equipment. We got on our bikes for the first time this morning and we rode around doing various exercises for over three hours. I bet it would have been pretty fun had it not been rainy and cold, though I have to admit it was still pretty exciting. I don't think I'd even been so close to a motorcycle. In fact, until a few days ago I had no idea that a motorcycle had a clutch and gears that you manually operate. I haven't spent much time driving cars and certainly never a car with manual transmission, so this whole "switching gears" thing was very new to me. I think I may have figured it out today as we made dozens of loops around the parking lot switching from first to second to third. I only stalled a handful of times.

Tomorrow's the big day. We'll learn a few more things on our bike in the morning and then we have to take a "skills test." After we pass that and a written multiple choice test, we get a certificate that we can trade in at the DMV for a motorcycle endorsement on our license. So stay tuned tomorrow to find out if I'm the proud honor of a motorcycle endorsement or whether I just spent $180 to fail a class. If I do fail the class, appearing on Ellen would be a decent consolation prize.

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