Friday, March 27, 2009

Still no Ellen, but I am an endorsed motorcyclist

Well, I guess that title pretty much says it all. I'll start with the good news. I passed both the on-bike and written test to successfully receive a motorcycle endorsement on my license. Although both instructors called me over separately and recommended sticking to side streets for a while and strongly encouraged me to take another class. I passed, but I guess I didn't quite ace the test. I've already had a few invitations to check out motorcycles along the way, and now I'll at least be able knowledgeably sit on them and start them. I'm excited about meeting up with Vectrix, a company that makes electric scooter. I especially like their I2009 VX-1:
It can go over 60 mph, and has a range 35-55 miles, (which seems pretty wide). They say it costs about a penny a mile, which means riding across the country would only cost thirty dollars. Not a bad deal.

Then there's the Piaggio MP3, which is sort of like backwards tricycle with two wheels in front. This one is gas-powered, but they're coming up with a hybrid version in a few months. You can check it out along with some percussion-heavy music here:

And I recently got an email from a nice guy named Bob who wanted me to check out his Tilting Three Wheelers outside of Seattle, Washington. It gets pretty good mileage already- about 40 mpg but he's working on making one with 105 mpg. Either way, it looks pretty impressive:

And now to the sad news. Still no word from Ellen Degeneres. But I do have another lead. A buddy of mine from my Brooklyn days has a contact at Telepictures, the company that produces her show. Only time will tell what happens next. Well, time or Ellen Degeneres.

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