Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New modes of transport keep comin' but still no Ellen

I've added quite a few modes of transport in the past two days. Here are a few I'm especially excited about:

This is the HumanCar. It's a hybrid car, but not that kind of hybrid. I'm still a little unclear exactly how it works, but it's powered through a combination of a battery and pumping this bar in the car with a sort of rowing motion. This video sort of explains it:

Another vehicle I'm excited about trying is the Quickfin:

It's made by a company called ProPhish, who makes a lot of cool human-powered boats. Look at how relaxed that guy looks. He doesn't have a care in the world, and he has a friendly canine companion! I hope my time on a Quickfin is similarly idyllic.

And though I haven't heard back from these people yet, I really hope I can include a ride on one of these:

It's an Aqua-Cycle! Not to be confused with the Aqua Cycle, (which doesn't have a hyphen but also looks cool). It's a tricycle with floating wheels that you can somehow ride on the water. I have a hard time believing this actually works, but it seems to be working in this video:

Although they seem to be staying in very shallow parts, and it doesn't seem like a particularly speedy vehicle. I guess I'll have to find out for myself.

And still no word from Ellen Degeneres or her "people." Maybe Ellen wants to ride an Aqua-Cycle? Or maybe one of my modes of transport could be "red wagon pulled by Ellen Degeneres?"

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