Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thanks Oklahoma!

A few weeks ago Matt Gleason, a reporter from Tulsa World, wrote me an email after he somehow heard about the Un-Road Trip. This morning, the newspaper published a a really nice piece about the trip.

I'm hoping it gets some Oklahomans excited about the trip so that they'll write in with ideas of how to cross their fair state. I can take the train in from the south until Norman, OK (very near to Oklahoma City), but that train line doesn't continue any further north. So I'm on the lookout for any bike paths, waterways, or unique inventions that can propel me across Oklahoma. The emails and facebook messages have already started to come in with suggestions of visiting Native American sites and taking a barge ride on the White River. Hopefully the ideas will keep coming and I'll be able to sketch out the rest of my route. I'm getting excited to see the panhandle with my own eyes!

In other news, I still haven't heard back from Ellen Degeneres, though I did write a follow-up email to one of the producers at her show. Maybe if I started making plans to visit her home state of Louisiana she'd be more interested? Are there any Oklahomans out there with connections to Ellen Degeneres?

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Thomas said...

The North Canadian River roughly tracks I-40 from OKC to Lake Eufaula. Maybe you could kayak out of OKC. OKC Kayak might be able to hook you up with a boat.