Thursday, September 25, 2008

It begins...

A few years ago, my friend Peter and I came up with a plan to walk across the country. We both really wanted to do it, but after doing some calculations we realized it would take a really long time and both of us had jobs/school to get back to...

The idea stuck with me though, and over the years it has morphed. And then about a year ago, the idea for the Un-Road Trip popped into my head. I have a lot of ideas going through my mind, but this one was very persistent. So I started making plans and talking to people about it, and I got even more excited. Everyone I told was really enthusiastic about the project, so after some planning and calculations I'm making it happen. And now you're probably curious about what this Un-Road Trip is about. Well, here's the first of many videos I plan on making. This one explains the basics:

The Un-Road Trip: The Premise from Boaz Frankel on Vimeo.

So... What do you think?

And thanks to Chris Harris for filming this and Paul Gude for illustrating all the modes of transportation.