Thursday, March 19, 2009

T Minus One Month

It's hard to believe it's already March 19th, and I'm heading out on April 19th. I've got the first four weeks of my trip pretty well planned out, (April 19th - May 19th). For the following six weeks, (May 20th - June 28th), I've got a few destinations confirmed, but I still have to figure out all the in-between transport and stops. I think I want to leave the last two weeks pretty open though. I'm still discovering new modes of transport every week, and I'm sure I'll keep discovering them till the end of the trip. Hopefully those last two weeks will come together while I'm on the (un)road.

Also, I got some awesome shout-outs this week. On Monday my favorite pop culture blogger, Whitney Matheson, dedicated a post to the Un-Road Trip on PopCandy. And yesterday Wend Magazine wrote about my journey on their blog. Also, a friendly reporter from Tulsa World recently contacted me about writing a piece too. Now I really can't wait to visit Oklahoma!

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