Monday, March 23, 2009

Ellen gets on Oprah - can I get on Ellen?

After making a New Year's resolution and campaigning for quite a while to get on the cover of O Magazine, Oprah herself called into Ellen's show via video phone and invited her to grace the cover of an upcoming issue. So if I want to get on Ellen's show and really put my mind to it, it seems that I too should be able to accomplish my goal. At least I hope I can. Just think of all the fun stuff we could do together! Maybe Ellen and I could go paddle-boating, or ride a camel, or race chariots, or roll down hills in Zorbs? The possibilities are endless!

Now I just have to figure out the steps to take. Send a singing telegram? Deliver a really awesome fruit basket? Train a team of kangaroos to spell out my message in the outback and hire a helicopter to take aerial photography and somehow beam it into Ellen's house? I think I'll start by emailing one of the producers over there.

I'll keep you posted.

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