Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bizarro Paul and the Magic of Twitter

I had to share this with the rest of the world who may not be following the Twitter Universe. A few hours ago, I was walking down the street in Brisbane, Australia and I caught glimpse of a guy who looked like my friend and former co-worker, (not to be confused with my co-worker and former friend), Paul. I stopped and did another walk-by to see just how close this resemblance was, and although they weren't identical I knew I wanted to capture this moment.

Every once in a while someone will say to me, "Wow, I saw this guy who looked just like you on the subway," or "The clerk who works the front desk at Holiday Inn looks like your brother," but they never have any photographic evidence. Do I really have a twin out there? So after I saw Bizarro Paul, I knew I had to act. The guy was pretty engrossed in his magazine, so I took out my camera and pretended to take a photo of the street mall behind him, while zooming in for the close up. Here's what I got:

As soon as I got back to my hotel, I uploaded the photo and twittered about it. Moments later, Paul was looking at a photo of his Bizarro Twin on the other side of the world, and fourteen minutes later Paul twittered a link to the following photo:

Sometimes technology makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Thanks Paul. And thanks Bizarro Paul.

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