Monday, April 20, 2009

Sleeping in transit

I wrote a long blog post about the first day on my laptop, but my laptop isn't connected to the Internet right now, and I'm not sure if there's a way to transfer it to my iPhone somehow to upload it. Either way, that blog will be uploaded shortly. I just woke up after a punctuated night of sleep. They keep the lights on in the train all night and all the seat's functions, (i.e. leaning, extending foot rest), are extremely loud. Plus, people are boarding the train all night long. All this could have been avoided by reserving a sleeping car, but I'm doing this trip on a budget so all I've got is a seat. After a few hours, I groggily pulled a t-shirt out of my bag and threw it over my head. Amazing- instant light blocker and noise muffler! My last few hours were much more restful. Now I've got two hours to go before before we pull into Oakland. I was orginally supposed to meet someone from ZAP Cars in Martinez, but he bailed a few days ago, so now I'll be taking the train a little further, getting on another regional train, then backtracking a bit and taking a ferry to Vallejo. That's where I'll be meeting up with another boat that will take me into Lodi Wine Country. I'll be staying at a winery tonight, and I imagine it will be a much more restful night.

Stay tuned for a blog of day one very soon- complete with awesome pictures of my tandem bike ride with the mayor by Daniel Stark!

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