Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Boxes, Ellen, Oprah, & Live @ 7

I got home today to find a huge box sitting on the bench outside my parents' house.

And once you see the box, you pretty much know what's inside. It's a 14 MPH cooler! The brown box, (that's a little less flashy), sitting behind it had the seat cushion and backrest in it. It's got a 500 watt electric motor that should run for about an hour on a charge. Hammacher Schlemmer lent me this vehicle for the journey, but you can have your very own for just under $500, (plus an extra $30 for the padded seat). It comes with the front wheel and handlebars inside the cooler and took about fifteen minutes to assemble it. Here it is in process:

Some of the instructions seemed a little backward, (I almost put the brakes on facing the wrong way), but I eventually sorted it out thanks to some photos I found online. After charging it for a half hour or so I took it for a short spin in the front yard, but I'll hold off on those pictures till later. It's sort of like riding around one of those electric supermarket carts, except you always have a cooler of beer/soda within reach.

And no news from Ellen Degeneres, though I did send another follow-up email. I did hear back from a producer at Oprah today who liked the clip and sent some encouraging words, before adding, "I don't see a fit for it on the show at this moment, but will definitely keep it in mind for the future." Well, at least someone from Oprah wrote back within a week. After nearly three weeks of contacting Ellen's show through many different modes of communication, I haven't heard a word. What's the deal Ellen? Keen Footwear, one of my sponsor for the trip, even offered to give shoes to the whole audience if I can get on the show. But I'll keep persevering. Just like Ellen did when she wanted to get on the cover of O Magazine...

In more awesome news, I'll be on my favorite local TV show tomorrow night- KGW's Live at 7. It's hosted by Stephanie Stricklen and filmed at the new studio in Pioneer Courthouse Square, (which I got to check out a few weeks ago at their tweet-up), and like the name implies it's on at 7PM on KGW (Channel 8 in Portland, OR), or via the live stream on their website. I hear that in addition to being a great show, it's also known in the industry as a stepping stone to Ellen Degeneres. You hear that Ellen?

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