Thursday, April 2, 2009

Does Ellen read TreeHugger?

I sure hope so. Or maybe she reads Wend Magazine? Both of these classy establishments wrote about the Un-Road Trip today. I met up with Wend Magazine here in Portland, and we filmed a fun interview on the Willamette River which you can watch here.

TreeHugger wrote up the the trip too and is helping me look for more modes of transportation, as you can see in their post here. I've already had over a dozen people get in touch today who read the post and are excited about helping. Though I still haven't had anyone volunteer their boat to take me down the Caloosahatchee River...

I did get in touch with a nice hot air balloon pilot in New Hampshire, who said he's happy to help out with the trip, though he couldn't promise the wind would take us in the right direction. He says you never really know where you're going until you're going. I could very well end up back-tracking a few dozen miles. I really want to use a hot air balloon though, so I think I'll probably risk it and bring a folding bicycle along.

And still no news on the Ellen front. I'll follow up with a few people tomorrow. I bet after she reads those blog posts, she'll call me up.

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