Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Email Explosion!

I guess that's what happens when I disappear into Passover-land for a few days. I get back to my email to find a flood of messages. Events have been scheduled. Modes of transportation have been canceled. And they want the jugband to play at a Willie Nelson cover band night.

I was hoping to start the trip with a Dog Powered Scooter, but I just got word that the inventor, (based in Bend, Oregon), won't be able to make it up to Portland on April 19th. This seemed like a fun vehicle to start out with, but I'm still hoping to fit it in towards the end of the trip. Look at how much fun these people are having:

I'll still be starting the trip with velomobile and 14 MPH cooler, and that's nothing to sneeze at. And speaking of that cooler scooter, it was supposed to arrive on Friday. I was hoping to bring it along for a photoshoot with the Oregonian this week, so I hope it arrives soon. I think every photograph becomes much more compelling if there's a cooler scooter in it.

Also, a new vehicle was brought to my attention this week, though I'm not sure what the availability is in the US.

It's a palanquin! Basically, a wheel-less human-powered vehicle that transports a human. This seems like a great way to get around, though my Google searches for "palanquin rental" haven't come up with much. I'm not even looking for a super-fancy palanquin- a simple oak one would do fine. And I don't think the costumes for the carriers are strictly required, though certainly recommended. Sort of like when people add "black tie optional" to a wedding invitation. I think my best bet to find one would probably be to visit some Hollywood prop rental houses and see if they have something left over from The King and I or Anthony and Cleopatra. Maybe I could find one of those chariots from Ben Hur while I'm there?

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