Friday, April 3, 2009

I think I just joined the club

I had a great conversation with Mark Dixon of Yert earlier today. On July 4th 2008, he returned from a year-long eco-expedition through all fifty states. Along with a few friends, Mark traveled the country in a Ford Hybrid and explored the wonderful world of environmental sustainability. They interviewed over 800 people along the way and are currently in post-production for a documentary about their year. Here's a quick intro to the project:

Mark had a lot of great suggestions based on his experience- from how to keep track of video footage to avoiding poor cell reception in West Virginia. His recommendations were really helpful, and it was nice to be able to ask a lot of the questions that had been collecting in my head- How many clothes did you pack? How did you find a last minute place to crash? What kind of microphones did you use?

I feel like I'm suddenly a member of a strange little club- the Association of Weird Road Trippers. In addition to Mark and the Yert folks, there are a number of other people out there doing interesting bike trips or going cross-country in a solar car. I hope we can all meet up for cupcakes sometime and compare notes.

And in Ellen Degeneres news:

I heard back from my contact, (through a mutual pal), at Telepictures, (the company that produces Ellen), who said that she passed on my information to their "Ellen executive." I guess that means I'm one step closer to Ellen. I'm not sure who the "executive" is, but he sounds official and I hope he gets in touch soon.


Mandy Creighton said...

Welcome to the club! We love YERT and have become friends with them through our eco-adventure - Within Reach Movie ( Eco-tripping is just about the most fun, most challenging and most fulfilling thing I can possibly be doing right now. Good luck, and let's meet up for cupcakes sometime soon :-) -Mandy and Ryan

Ryan Mlynarczyk said...

yes to what Mandy says. and might want to bring lavalier mics. we are hoping to get some soon. they really make for good sound quality. when making a movie if you have good sound quality it can make all the difference. :)

Boaz said...

That would be awesome! And thanks for the tip!

See you on the road!

Mark Dixon said...

Woohoo for Mandy and Ryan! We met up with Ryan a long time ago-- years ago? Wow. Yes. And then Mandy and Ryan came to the YERT Finale party in San Francisco. Ryan contributed his cell phone as an impromptu wifi hot spot so that we could bring Ben and Julie into the event via Skype and a projector. And that's perhaps just the smallest way in which they rock. ;-) And, yes, cupcakes.
~mark from YERT