Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Action-packed day in San Fransisco (and vicinity)

I'll be spending Earth Day in San Francisco this year, and checking out some awesome modes of transportation. First off, I'll be riding a Pi electric bike across the Golden Gate Bridge with the CEO of Pi Mobility. The bike is truly a work of art, but don't take my word for it- watch this video:

After checking out their headquarters, I'll swing down to Palo Alto where Aptera is showing off their new car. Although calling it a car doesn't really seem right, as it doesn't like any car I've ever seen. If a spaceship and an ipod had a baby it might look something like this:

In Ellen Degeneres news, I've found another lead thanks to some friend's friends, (thanks Sam and DJ!). I'm sending another email in- we'll see if this one works. Third time's a charm. Right?

And if you missed my appearance on KGW's Live @ 7, you can watch it here.

Okay, I better get out of here. With only three days to go I'm running out of time to worry.

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