Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Un-Road Tripping Home... Somehow

I thought I had my return route all sorted out. From Minneapolis, I'd backtrack to Chicago via Milwaukee and get on the Amtrak's California Zephyr to head west via Salt Lake City. I could even stop by Lake Tahoe for a day. Then I'd come up through Southern Oregon, past Portland up to Seattle. After a few days in Seattle, I'd get back down to Portland. But now many of the modes of transportation I'd been planning in those cities are falling through...

So I started coming up with a back-up plan where I'd still have to backtrack to Milwaukee, (as I've already scheduled some activities there), and then I'd head back in this direction through Montana, Idaho, and into Seattle. There seem to be some cool modes of transport around Sandpoint, ID and then I could also get to Seattle a little earlier and spend some more time boating/exploring the Puget Sound area. Though this last minute planning is always a little haphazard, and it's always tough to predict what will actually work out.

At this point, I'm pursuing both options and looking for any feedback/ideas/thoughts/transportation. So if you have any brainstorms- send them my way.

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