Monday, June 15, 2009

My Un-Odorant Crosses the Border

My Crystal and I crossed the Canadian-US border this morning.


Thanks to Crystal for sending it out and supporting the trip!


Judy said...

FYI: My husband and I have both got a rash from that un-odorant crystal deodorant. I tried it a few years later with the same results.

Just thought I'd mention it so you could keep an eye out.
It certainly does a great job though. I hear it's great for keeping feet from sweating too, or anything else.

Boaz said...

No rash here, but more importantly- no smell. And I haven't used it on my feet yet. Thanks for the tip!

Shylah said...

I also have never experienced a rash. I've actually found it to be pretty soothing. I'm stoked that they came out with the Essence line!

Hey, I also want to thank you for the tip about the feet! I'm excited to tell my fiance. His feet can get kinda stinky sometimes :-)