Friday, June 12, 2009

Biking every which way through Ontario: Part One

Yesterday was a blur of nearly a dozen different kind of bicycles owned or created by Brent Curry of Bicycle Forest. Along with a newly formed bike posse, (made up of Brent, Natalie, Mohrgan, Evan, myself, and later Ted), we rode these unique cycles all over Kitchener, Waterloo, and St. Jacob, Ontario.


After spending the night with Brent and Natalie, we wheeled out nearly every bike from Brent's garage for a quick spin. Including the handcycle, which you operate by rotating a pair of pedals with your hand.


I also tried out this tiny folding European bike.


A recumbent tricycle similar to the one I tried out at Hammacher Schlemmer.


A classic-style penny farthing, which was surprisingly fun to ride. I wouldn't recommend it for hills though, as it doesn't have a chain or gears- you're pedaling the front wheel directly.


And one of Brent's most popular bikes is the treadmill bike.


It's been featured on Japanese television nearly half a dozen times. Including this appearance:

And that was only the start of the day, but I've got to get biking. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion...

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