Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can I get to 100?

So far I've used 86 modes of transportation, and I'd really love to get to 100. My 86 modes have consisted of:

1. Motorized Cooler
2. Walking
3. Tandem Bike (with Mayor Sam Adams)
4. Amtrak Train
5. BART Commuter Rail
6. Ferry
7. Motorized Yacht
8. Inflatable Motor Boat
9. Electric Golf Cart
10. Agricultural Helicopter
11. Horse Drawn Wagonette
12. Bike
13. Duffy Electric Boat
14. Hobie Pedal-Powered Kayak
15. Harley Motorcycle
16. Pi Electric Bike
17. Electric Shuttle Bus
18. Tesla Roadster
19. Catamaran
20. Los Angeles Subway
21. Kangoo Jumps
22. Spring-Powered pogo Stick
23. Pneumatic Pogo Stick
24. RowBike
25. Natural Gas Bus
26. Xtracycle
27. Camel
28. Kick Scooter
29. Walking Rickshaw
30. Wine Bike
31. Pedal-Powered Drum Tank
32. Gramophone Bike Cart
33. Electric Ladder Machine
34. Water Taxi
35. Secret Senate Subway
36. Paddle Boat
37. Airboat
38. Horseback
39. Flats Boats
40. Kayak
41. Hotel Luggage Cart
42. Motorboat
43. Sailboat
44. Electric/Diesel Hybrid Boat
45. Electric GEM Taxi
46. Vegetable Oil Powered Ambulance
47. Electric Lawn Mower
48. Shopping Cart (pushed by Lauren Ponder)
49. Fuel Cell Powered Segway
50. Folding Bike
51. Unicycle
52. Powerwings Razor Scooter
53. Industrial Cargo Tricycle
54. Pedal Powered Surrey
55. Sail Powered Land Cruiser
56. All Terrain Pedal Buggy
57. Recumbent Tricycle
58. Razor Electric Scooter
59. Greenwheel MIT Electric Bike
60. Biplane
61. Segway PT
62. PUMA
63. Paragliding
64. Geometric Reciprocating Pedal Bike
65. Sike (Snow Bike)
66. Paddle Surfing
67. Pick Up Truck Bike
68. Penny Farthing
69. Treadmill Bike
70. Handcycle
71. Hula Bike
72. Recumbent Bicycle
73. Kick Bike
74. Family Truckster
75. Horse-pulled Carriage
76. CouchBike
77. Tandem Recumbent Bicycle
78. Light Rail
79. Cushman Electric Cart
80. Rollercoaser
81. Electric Convenience Vehicle
82. Converted Ford Focus
83. Pedal-Powered Pub
84. ZAP 3 Wheel Pick-Up Truck
85. Hydro Bike
86. Float Plane

In Seattle I already have plans to ride a conference bike, monorail, street car, row boat, electric scooter, escalator, and get a piggy back ride. That brings me up to 93, but I'm still looking for 7 more modes of transportation. Any ideas?


JennyD said...

Hey Boaz, try contacting Chris Goodwin in Seattle. He developed a conversion kit for a variety of vehicles to run on vegetable oil. He might know people using that and other alternative modes of transport. Here's his information:
Christopher Goodwin Motor Sport
1218 10th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

maura said...

Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see rollerblades or roller skates on here. If you could find someone with a pogo ball. Those were pretty awesome. My final thought is that it's too warm in the lower 48 for any sled-dogging, but that would have been cool. Sorry for the pun.

AnneLP said...

I've seen roller skis (for practicing cross country skiing). They look like fun.

SHB said...

Did you include the DC Metro train/DC subway?

haasi said...

what about hot air ballooning / gliding?

also consider skateboarding, riding in a shopping cart.

haasi said...

riding in a shopping cart comes from dc's "Idiotarod"

Jacob said...

what about crawling, jump roping, moonwalking