Sunday, November 30, 2008

Training in the Outback

To prepare for this trip, I thought it necessary to complete an intense training regimen. Since I'll be completing the Un-Road Trip in the spring though, it seems inconsistent to be training outside in the Pacific NW winter. So in a few days I'll be heading to Melbourne, so that I can properly prepare for the Un-Road Trip during the Australian spring/summer.

Okay- that may only be half the truth. I've also always wanted to visit Australia, and this seems like a good time to do it. I'll definitely be staying active down there. For my first week, I've signed up to survey wombat holes outside of Adelaide, and I'm also putting together some plans for working on an organic farm on Kangaroo Island. I figure I should be doing thing I can only do in Australia, and those seem to fit the bill.

And I'll still be knee-deep in planning for the Un-Road Trip. Although the blog updates may be slightly less consistent as I struggle to find WiFi in the outback, the posts will certainly be more action-packed.

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