Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Quick Plea from Punta Gorda

I don't have time for a full recap quite yet, though I will tell you that we didn't get very far north today. The winds were high, the waves were rough, and I was feeling a little pukey. We sailed into Punta Gorda, the nearest city, and now I'm struggling to find a way to Tanmpa. I've been in touch with Harborside Aviation, a flight school in the area, and depending on the weather and their pilots' schedule, they may be able to give me a ride. I also got in touch with one of the local tourism boards and they seem to have a few leads as well. Hopefully I'll have a real breakthrough in the morning, since I have a train to catch tomorrow afternoon. If you have any ideas, PLEASE get in touch. I'll give you a hug and a free pair of Keen shoes if you can get me out of here.


Adena said...

DRAMA! go boz go!

maryellis said...

Rotten luck that sailing conditions were not favorable, Boaz! Would you believe we are not even in the "rainy season" yet? Please don't give up on sailing. Most of the time, learning to sail is a skill you’ll really want to use, over and over. Mary Orme