Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feeling Stationary

After a year of constant traveling- from Australia to the Un-Road Trip- staying in one place for a few months is a little unnerving. Especially since I have no clue what's coming next. Though I'm certainly not lounging around in the meantime. I'm keeping busy editing Un-Road Trip footage and seeing how I can keep that ball rolling and segue the journey into other projects. Meanwhile, I'm also looking for jobs in DC. And I'm developing a personal website too. I have various projects that I've worked on over the years, and I figured it would be nice to have an umbrella site that links to all of them. After some heated debate and discussion I settled on which currently links to, but will soon be its own site.

I've been rummaging through old hard drives to look for possible video to put up on the site, and I found a reel I edited together a few years back for Clips & Quips, (the offbeat entertainment show I hosted/produced that aired at college TV stations across the country). You can watch highlights from my occasionally embarrassing interviews with celebrities below. It features George Clooney talking about suspenders, Samuel L. Jackson flossing, my appearance on a soap opera, and one of my favorite interviews ever- with This American Life host Ira Glass.

Clips & Quips from Boaz Frankel on Vimeo.

So many memories...


daniel said...

Haha great compilation!! Dude, love the idea and name of your new site - GoBoaz - awesome!

Boaz said...

Thanks! And I owe you and Lindsay some credit for helping decide on the name!

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