Friday, September 25, 2009

Eastward Bound

In a few days I'll be heading east. Last time I went to the east coast it took a few weeks, a camel, six train rides, a couple bikes, a few dozen Clif Bars, two pairs of Keen shoes, and a pogo stick. This time I'm just taking a plane. I'll be visiting some friends in New York and Boston before I head down to Washington DC in search of a job. In preparation for the trip I've printed up some shiny new business cards and launched a new website- -to serve as an umbrella site for the the various projects I've been working on. I can point prospective employers there, and hopefully they'll want to hire me. If you know anyone who may want to hire me, feel free to send them the link.

In Un-Road Trip news- I've been writing my application for the Oregon Media Arts Fellowship. I'm hoping to secure some funds to cover post-production costs for the Un-Road Trip documentary. I'm editing together some footage from the journey to submit along with my application- I'll post it here when I finish.

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Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

Have a good trip Boaz! Good luck on the job search!