Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Australian Weekend

A few exciting highlights from the weekend:

• I learned how to play cricket from two kids. I thought it was like baseball. It's not. There are these sticks you try to hit to get people out called wickets.

• I tried Vegemite (spreadable yeast extract). It was darker than I thought- it almost looked like Nutella. It tasted like salty yeasty stuff. I'm not in a hurry to try it again.

• I'm starting to get a hang for all these Australian nicknames for everything. Breafast = Brekki, Biscuit = Bikki, Chewing Gum = Chewy, Tasmania = Tazzy

• It turns out that many young people are familiar with the Portland/Seattle music scene. One man who worked at hat store liked the Deecemberists, but he thought The Shins were overrated.

• There's a crazy Australian TV show that's like Survivor for kids. In the episode I watched, the kids were driving go-karts through an obstacle course- wait for it- while blindfolded!

• I haven't seen any marsupials yet, but I heard a dog barking at a possum in a tree. I also learned that Australian possums are different from American possums. The Australian ones look a lot cuter.

Okay- I'm off to South Australia to survey wombat burrows for a week. I don't think I'll have internet access, but I'll be sure to post pictures next time.

Also, in Un-Road Trip news I've been getting some great leads in Florida thanks to Nate at the Tourism Department there. I may even get to ride in a swamp buggy or sleep on a pirate ship!

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