Tuesday, February 15, 2011

T - 3 Months!

It's crazy to think that after nearly three years of planning, traveling, filming, and editing the Un-Road Trip is a mere three months away from premiering on television. I'm going to have a real TV show. That still sort of blows my mind. There's still work to do - we've only finished editing 5 out of 10 episodes - but we're definitely in the home stretch. The scripts have been written, the narration has been recorded, and now Todd, (the producer of the show for Halogen), has to finish assembling the footage and finalize some graphics. Then we put it out into the world and hope that some people tune in. It actually sounds sort of scary.

In this media rich world that we live in, how are you supposed to draw people's attention to a little TV show? We don't have the budget to put billboards up or advertise in magazines or get my face on a box of cereal. We can do a lot of cool stuff with social media, but millions of other folks are hocking their goods/services online too. All you can do is be creative, be genuine, and hope for the best. I know we have some fun/compelling ideas and hopefully I'll be hitting the road to visit a few cities (without a car, of course) to do some free screenings of the show. While it's certainly daunting I can't help but get enthused after talking to the folks at Halogen who are already working hard to market the show. What they lack in budget they certainly make up for in enthusiasm and a hard-core commitment to the message of the Un-Road Trip. It's really inspiring to be working with these guys and no matter how many folks tune in to watch in May I know we will have fought the good fight. Our ratings may not rival Two and Half Men, but I can think of a lot of reasons why that's a good thing. I have a feeling we'll succeed in finding an awesome niche audience who not only likes the show but gets engaged in the greater discussion about transportation in America and living sustainably. And that sounds pretty good to me.



will it be shown in australia

Boaz said...

I don't think it's airing in Australia, but you should email your local channel and tell them to show it! I spent 6 months there in 2009 and I'd love a reason to go back!