Monday, March 30, 2009

New ideas from the Better Living Show

Yesterday I checked out the Better Living Show at the Portland Expo Center. There were a lot of booths full of information about green building, and a surprisingly large number of companies giving out free alcohol. They were also a few cool green vehicles.

I thought I had heard of all the electric car companies by now, but I keep learning about new ones. In Eugene, Oregon a group of people are working on a new electric vehicle called the Arcimoto:

It's a one-seater- sort of a scooter with a shell- and it can go up 50MPH with a range of 30 miles.

The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association also had a booth. I'd never heard of the organization, but they seem like good people to know. You can check out some of their members' projects online, and they're working on some pretty cool vehicles. They were showing off an electric bike called the Zero X- an electric motorcycle made by a company called Zero Motorcycles near Santa Cruz California.

It accelerates from 0-30 in 2 seconds, weighs just 140 pounds, and costs .01 cents a mile to operate. Also, Jay Leno's the proud owner of one as well.

Though at first glance it may seem like a device for your grandparents, the website for the GoPet Electric Scooter also recommends it for recreation, working in a warehouse, or getting around campus.

There's a dealer here in Oregon, and I think I'll get in touch. It can go up to 16MPH, has a range of 24 miles, and it does look pretty fun.

There was also a representative from Edison Marine, a Portland company who manufactures classic wooden boats with electric drive systems. It really does sound like the best of both worlds, and the boats are beautiful.

They also cost over $100,000, so I hope they'll give me a ride. It would be pretty sweet to end my trip coming down Portland's Willamette River in one of these.

And in Ellen Degeneres news... well, there really isn't any news. But I'm still hopeful. She probably wants to call, but she's just afraid of disturbing me. I could be eating a late lunch or taking an afternoon nap or getting ready for an early dinner. Maybe I'll send a second follow-up to the producer tomorrow and give her a more detailed outline of my daily schedule.

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